A Pleasant Surprise: Pelayo

Frequented by both tourists and locals alike, Pelayo is a half bakery half restaurant offering traditional Spanish fare. In the past, I had never had the urge to visit Pelayo. However, recently, the restaurant put out a Gustazo (discount coupon), so Natalie (my husband’s friend) encouraged that we purchase it and seize the opportunity to try it out. Who can resist a bargain right?

Casual atmosphere with contemporary décor, Pelayo offers customers the option of indoor our outdoor seating. It was a particularly hot day so Fernando and I decided to have dinner indoors.





After we were seated, our server informed us that if we wanted to have the paella for two for dinner we should order it in advance since they make it from scratch. Both Fernando and I are big fans of paella so we quickly said yes. However, in order to stray away from the traditional paella flavors, we decided to order the skirt steak, pork and chorizo paella.

As his starter, Fernando ordered the pumpkin soup. As soon as it arrived at the table, it filled the air with an amazing aroma of mild spices. It had a velvety texture and was perfectly spiced. It was just comfort in a bowl. As a plus, the server gave us side of bread so we could dip it in the soup (YUM!).




I decided to go with the Galician soup as my starter. This is a dish I actively seek out at restaurants since it is one of my favorite soups. The robust soup was hearty and delicious. The beans and the chorizo added the perfect depth of flavor to the broth. I could definitely eat this every day! No wonder many people in Spain have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner during the winter.



For our main course, we had the skirt steak, pork and chorizo paella. Our server presented the dish in the shallow pan it was cooked in. I was already salivating just by looking at it. The vibrant colors and the smell were just driving me crazy. He proceeded to serve the paella making sure that we had every bit of the paella goodness in our respective plates. I was a little skeptical at first since to me paella without seafood is not paella, however, this meat lovers take on paella rocked my world. The saffron flavored rice was moist (just the way I like it) and the meats were decadent. Don’t forget to squeeze some lemon over the paella, it just makes the flavors pop out more. I personally love it.




For our desserts, Fernando picked the chocolate layer cake and I chose the Nutella tres leches cake. Both desserts were okay but nothing mind blowing that we would order again.




At Pelayo you can expect quality food paired with excellent service. Disclaimer: the food tends to be a little pricey, sometimes a little overpriced when you consider that you are dining in a glorified bakery, so keep that in mind before you visit.

71 Luisa Street, Condado, Puerto Rico

Telephone: (787) 724-0999
Payment Methods: All major credit cards accepted.cardsaccepted

Parking: Yes.




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